created June 2007

Death Valley

Moods of the Valley

"While many great photographs are created in the mindís eye first,
occasionally luck takes over and we stumble onto the perfect scene nearly at the perfect moment.
Observe what nature might be ready to unveil, and you stand a good chance of getting special images."

Dewitt Jones

Approaching Devil's Cornfield At Dawn.

Arrow Weed At Dawn, Devil's Cornfield

Manly Beacon Bathed In The Dawn's Light

Death Valley Sand Dune Moments Before Sunrise

Salt Pan Near Badwater, Early Morning

Kit Fox Hills, Early Morning

Erosion In The Black Mountains

Clearing Storm Over Boundary Canyon

Death Valley Details

Amargosa Range, Late Afternoon

The Playa In Racetrack Valley

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes In Twilight

Evaporation Patterns On The Valley Floor Near Badwater At Dusk

Grapevine Mountains At Dusk

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