2000 - 2001, 2007


Sächsische Schweiz

Stop worrying about the camera or the f-stop or the filter – just go out and open your eyes! Ultimately, it doesn’t even matter if you push the shutter. Just go out and look. Look until you’re so excited by what you see that you find yourself accosting innocent bystanders and screaming, Do you have any idea how beautiful this planet is?! It’s true, you know. Time and again, nature brings light and line and law together in ways that make our heart dance and our minds rejoice. And there, alone with a sunset, or the light on a rushing stream, or softly falling autumn leaves, we find ourselves saying, This would all happen whether or not I was here to see it. The camera helps me to see it, to concentrate, to gaze deeply, to block out all that’s extraneous and perceive that which is essential.

Dewitt Jones

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